Next Generation Sequencing Single-cell Analysis Bioanalyser
Open Access Equipment Bioinformatics

The Genomics Laboratory provides state of the art facilities for high-throughput Genomic research:

  • Illumina next generation sequencing NGS and library preparation
  • Single Cell Analysis - Chromium 10X Genomics, Fluidigm C1, Biomark HD, FACS sorted single cells
  • Open Access Equipment - Bioanalyser, Qubit, qPCR machines, Nanodrop, Biomek Fx robot
  • Short-hairpin RNA library clone picking service
  • LMS Bioinformatics Support

Facility Head: Laurence Game

Facility Staff: Ivan Andrew, Katerina Rekopoulou

Academic Advisors Jesus Gil, Matthias Merkenschlager

Portfolio of Services available here

Location:2nd Floor, ICTEM Building